Discover your Rio Tinto... in London!

Atlantic Operations, Aluminium Group

By accepting this prize, you agree to:

  • Act as a Rio Tinto ambassador for your region while on business travel:
    • Comply with UK laws and regulations, in addition to representing the company with dignity and loyalty at all times.
    • Participate in the on-site activities organized by Rio Tinto.
    • Make your experience known by participating in testimonial interviews before, during and after the trip, both for the benefit of our colleagues and that of the community.
    • Agree to be filmed and photographed before, during and after the trip and that these images can be used for both internal and external reasons.
  • Have a passport that is valid for a minimum of eight (8) months starting from April 2024 (the expiry date must be before December 2024). The same applies for the person who accompanies you.
  • Follow the applicable health rules at the time of travel, including your own government’s and the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination recommendations.



  1. What are the criteria to participate?

The eligible employees must:

  • Be permanent employees of Rio Tinto and report to the Aluminum group, Atlantic Operations, or be part of a function that directly and primarily serves this business unit.
  • Have a minimum of one year seniority at the time of the business trip (April 2024).
  • Be “actively” employed at the time of the contest and the business trip – i.e., not retired, on long-term absence or on parental leave.
  • Be able to fly and travel to another country.


  1. How many winners will there be?

The draw will be from among the employees of the Aluminum group, Atlantic Operations. In total, there will be nine (9) employee winners who will all have the opportunity to bring someone with them. The winners will be distributed by region, according to team size.

  • Canada – Quebec (excluding the CRDA): 5 winners
  • Canada – British Columbia and Alberta 2 winners
  • France – ATS (including the CRDA): 1 winner
  • Iceland – ISAL: 1 winner


  1. What is the selection process? What are my chances to win?

The contest will be held in three stages during which 180 semi-finalists, 90 finalists, and nine (9) winners will be selected by a random draw. Draws among participants will take place by the end of June. If you are a semi-finalist, you’ll have a 1 in 20 chance of winning and 1 in 10 chance if you’re a finalist.


Stage 1: You must answer 10 multiple-choice questions about Rio Tinto. You don’t need all of the answers to be correct to be eligible for the draw: It’s the simple act of participating that counts!


Stage 2: If you’re part of the 180 semi-finalists, you’ll be asked to answer the following question with a few words or sentences: “Our three company values are care, courage and curiosity. How do you embrace one of our values in your work?” Reminder: It’s not a writing competition, but more for participation. You must agree that your answer may be publicly distributed anonymously, in whole or in part.”


Stage 3: If you’re part of the 90 finalists, you’ll be asked to answer the following question with a few words or sentences: “Our new company mission is: “Find better ways to provide the materials the world needs.” How does our mission challenge you in your daily life for the future of aluminum?” Reminder: It’s not a writing competition, but more for participation. You must agree that your answer may be publicly distributed anonymously, in whole or in part.”

  1. When will the business trip take place and what’s the duration?

The trip is planned for March/April 2024, after the school holidays often scheduled around this time in Canada. The exact dates are yet to be determined. The total duration of the trip is seven (7) days, including travel time.


  1. What is the primary objective for this business trip? Why London?

The objective of this business trip is to learn more about Rio Tinto, visit the head office and also, visit a location rich with the history of the company’s early beginnings. Rio Tinto’s head office is located in London, United Kingdom. As ambassadors of your region, the winners will share their experience and what they’ve learned with their colleagues and the community before, during and after their trip.


It was on March 29, 1873, when the Rio Tinto Company was registered in London by a group of businessmen led by Hugh Matheson – the Scottish director of a London bank. Matheson was one of the best-known men in London’s financial district.


  1. What is the itinerary? Will we have any free time?

During business hours, communication activities and sharing of knowledge within the framework of the job will be planned, in addition to guided visits about our history and more. Yes, you will have free time outside of business hours to relax or visit the city at your own pace.


  1. I don’t speak English, can I still participate?

Most certainly. We want to ensure that all of our employees can participate, no matter their business language or level of comprehension in English. We will provide on-site translation (English, French and Icelandic) to ensure you understand and are able to speak freely during group activities. However, we cannot guarantee translation during your free time.


  1. I’m interested in the business trip, but will I be welcome at the London office? Should I prepare some questions in advance?

Members of the executive committee have been informed of this business trip and all winners will be welcome. All employees will have the chance to learn more about how the executive committee works and to broaden their knowledge of the company.


The winners will be contacted several weeks before their departure to prepare their trip and address any questions or concerns.


  1. Do I need to use my vacation days for this business trip?

No, it will be considered as regular working days for the 5 business days of this trip. The winners will be paid their regular salary and hours. This is an initiative from the management to offer an opportunity for development and sharing, especially since you will be acting as an ambassador for your region.


  1. Who can accompany me?

You can select the person of your choice, such as your partner, a friend, a colleague or a family member. However, the minimum age is 18 years. In addition, the person must have a valid passport and be able to fly and travel to another country.


  1. Can I bring another Rio Tinto employee with me?

Yes. However, they will need authorization from their manager, since the person must plan for time off with their vacation days to participate.


  1. What is the value of this business trip? Is this a taxable benefit?

Each of the nine (9) prizes have an approximate value of CA$12,000. Since this is business travel where you will be acting as an ambassador for your region before, during and after the trip, it will not be a taxable amount for the winners.


However, under the tax rules relating to each of the winners, the amount representing the cost of the trip from which the accompanying person benefited, will be considered a taxable benefit and will therefore be added to the winning employee’s yearly income. This represents a taxable benefit of about CA$4,500.


It is also possible to travel alone, if preferred, and there will be no taxable benefit.


  1. Do I need my manager’s authorization to participate in the business trip?

Yes, but efforts will be made so that all winning employees can take part in the trip.


  1. Do I need to do anything for the planning or reservations?

The trip will be as inclusive as possible: The reservations (plane, transportation, accommodations and meals) will all be made on your behalf. Moreover, we are currently working with a reputable agency to organize historical visits related to our operations. Only your personal activities outside of business hours will not be planned.


  1. Can I extend my stay and use my personal time off?

Yes, with authorization from your manager and at your own cost. The extended stay must be planned before the plane tickets are purchased. The person you bring must return to the country at the same time as the winning employee.


  1. Which expenses are paid by Rio Tinto and what is excluded?

Rio Tinto will pay for transportation (plane, taxis, etc.), accommodations, the group activities as well as the meals, according to a set budget. Purchases and activities during free time will be at the employees’ expense. Additional baggage fees, if applicable, must also be paid by the employees.


  1. What do I do if I don’t have a Rio Tinto credit card? Or a Rio Tinto mobile phone?

Verifications will be made with the winners to determine their needs. We’ll ensure that payments while on the move and use of a mobile phone will not be an obstacle.


  1. Do I need to have a visa? Travel insurance?

A visa is not required for this type of trip to the UK for people with Canadian, French or Icelandic citizenship. For travel insurance, employees are automatically covered by Rio Tinto’s insurance for personal and business travel, including their spouses and children over 18 years enrolled as full-time students.  The person going with you may require their own insurance depending on the case.

  1. What happens if I win but I can’t go for whatever reason?

We will offer the trip to another employee who was a contest finalist. There will be no monetary compensation, no matter the reason for your withdrawal.